1.   Homeostasis
2.   Metabolism  
3.  Reproduction and Development

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Each Question is worth FIVE points

Homeostasis Information

1.     Cite:

        a.  the name of a specific enzyme:

        b.  the substrate for this enzyme:

        c.   a location of this enzyme:

        d.  a variable factor that can inactivate this enzyme:

2.     Cite:

        a.   a specific plant hormone:

        b.  a specific function for this hormone:

        c.   a location where this hormone is produced:

        d.   an invertebrate hormone:

3.     Produce graphs that reflect the activities of (a) rennin and (b) catecholase

        (a)                                                                                (b)


4.     Cite a specific function for the following pigments

        a.   rhodopsin:

        b.   chlorophyll:

        c.   hemoglobin:

        d:   melanin:

5.     Cite two differences between the Central Nervous System and the Autonomic Nervous System.


6.     Cite the cell, substances, etc. that are involved in the transmission of an electrical impulse.


7.     Indicate how the following contribute to the immune response:

        a.   white blood cells

        b.   antibodies

        c.   Interferon

        d.   Histamine

8.     a.   Cite a pathogenic bacterium and the disease that it causes:

        b.   Cite a pathogenic protozoan and the disease that it causes:

9.     Why is homeostasis necessary in living cells?


Metabolism Information

10.   What is involved in biosysthesis?


11.   a,b.  The process, photosynthesis, produces

                ___________________________________    and ____________________________________

        c,d.  The process, chemical respiration, produces

                ___________________________________    and ____________________________________

12.   Cite four specific differences between the light dependent and the light dependent and the light independent
        reactions of photosynthesis.


13.   a,b.   Why is light necessary for photosynthesis?

        c,d.   Cite two tasks performed in all cells by chemical energy.


14.   a,b.   Cite differences between a mitochondrion and a chloroplast.

        c,d.   How does PGAL differ from pyruvic acid?


15.   What is the interrelationship between photosynthesis and chemical respiration?


16.   a.   Cite the Kingdoms of life forms in which the organisms do not perform photosynthesis.

        b.   Is there any life form that does not perform chemical respiration in some manner?


Reproduction and Development Information

17.   a.   How does sexual reproduction occur in plant life forms?

        b.   Is there a major difference between a plant and an animal zygote"


18.   a.   How does single fertilization differ from double fertilization?

        b.   Why is Meiosis a necessary pre-requisite for sexual reproduction?


19.   Calculate the fertile and the infertile parts of a human female cycle of 38 days.


20.   a,b.   Name two pre-embryonic states of development.

        c,d.   Name two parts of a seed.