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NOTE:  There are 20 question in this test.  All questions carry the same weight.  Please read the question carefully, organize your thoughts before writing your answer.  Use the space provided below each question to write the answer. 


Q1.  Describe what a CPU is by describing its different parts and their function(s).






Q2. Discuss the differences between a computer's main memory (primary storage) and secondary memory.






Q3.  Explain the concept of "data hierarchy".  Provide an example.






Q4.  Discuss the various categories of programming languages.






Q5.  What is the system development life cycle?  List the steps involved in the development of an information system.






Q6.  What is a computer network?  Explain LAN and WAN, giving examples of each. 






Q7.  Explain the differences between BIT, BYTE and WORD.






Q8.  What is Artificial Intelligence? 






Q9.  What is computer crime?  Describe and give examples.






Q10.  What are ethics and how would you go about the process of deciding an ethical dilemma?






Q11.  Define Expert System, giving an example of a specific type of expert system, and its advantages.






Q12.  What is data communication?  Identify the components of a data communication system. 






Q13.  Discuss the purpose/functions of a computer systems operating system.  (YOU MAY USE DOS AS AN EXAMPLE).





Q14.  Explain how data is represented in the computer?  Discuss two popular coding schemes developed for this purpose.






Q15.  Discuss computer applications in the following fields:















Q16.  What are the benefits of electronic spreadsheets over traditional manual spreadsheets?






Q17.  List the five most common applications of microcomputer systems.






Q18.  Explain Input and Output and give five examples of each type.






Q19.  What is source data automation (SDA)?  Explain using (an) example(s).







Q20.  What are the four major class sizes of computer?  List and describe briefly. 






OPTIONAL (Bonus 5 points)

Comment on the oral presentation of a classmate.